Remembering Cruis'n USA

Ah, Cruis'n USA. Such pretty graphics, such awful everything else. It probably won't be remembered as a significant title by many of you, but for one guy, it was important enough to justify writing a comic about it.

What I like about this is that I'd imagine many, if not most of you could remember something similar, only with the names and the games changed.

I, for example, used to go to this one guy's house just to play Super Star Wars, since I didn't have a SNES. That's the only interaction with him I had; afternoons spent playing Super Star Wars, then Super Empire, then Super Jedi. I have no idea what happened to the guy, and can only remember his first name, but man, those were some good times.

For me, anyway.

Cruis'n USA: A Graphic Memoir, by Toby Jones [4CR]


    Wayne Gretszy's 3D Hokey was awesome!

    I remember once going over to a guy's place to play Super Mario Kart, back when it was brand new. I wasn't particularly friends with the guy, nor did I ever go back there again. I barely even remember the time there lasting that long at all, and can only recall several seconds of the visit. I don't ever remember being able to recall any more of it than that either, not even when it was still relatively recent. Strange times.

    In highschool there would be a massive line to Play Mario 64 at the local toyworld.
    The woman working there really took offence to all the "Bums" hanging around so she would have a go to piss us off.

    Eventually the system dropped in price and I bought one.

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