Report: Korea Might Ban Steam

According to several reports from over the weekend, the ratings board of South Korea is cracking down on the distribution of unrated video games in the country and has everything from homebrew games to Valve's Steam service in its sights.

The law in Korea currently states that all games must be rated by the government. Doesn't matter if it's a AAA blockbuster or some mobile game a kid made in his bedroom, if it's publicly available, then it has to be rated.

This of course costs money, so many developers avoid doing this. Hence the crackdown. So far, a site that lets people build their own RPG games has been targeted, being forced to remove all user-made games, while threats have also been made against Valve's online PC store Steam, which sells games in Korea but does not carry Korean ratings.

Hopefully, things won't get that drastic; according to a translation of the piece by teamliquid, a "complete block is on the table", but the Korean ratings board is "seeking alternate options".

밸브 게임사이트 차단 검토 [DT, via teamliquid]

South Korean Game Rating Board Cracks Down on Indies [TIGSource]


    Well, it's regionalised in Australia with Australian ratings, prices and availability.

    Possibly an other simplification of steams implementation, but I presume it'll end up similar in Korea.

    Makes me glad I live in a western country where political views on games and gaming aren't totally backwards.

    Oh, wait...

    I assume 'stop being bastards' isn't an option?

    im surprised its not already?

    Don't tell Conroy!

    Don't worry, Korean companies will just knock off existing games and make local versions for people to enjoy. You know, like they do anyway.

    Asia just seems more and more like a bad place to live.

      Except Japan right?

    All this censorship in Australia, Asia and Germany is terrible, especially the lengths they sometimes go to enforcing this law.

    Governments seem to think they always know whats best, but in this regard, censorship, their wrong. But still, living in a sub-R18+ video games Australia beats the hell out of living in the land of the free and the home of the whopper.

    Wouldnt be suprised if this happens in AUS too considering all indie games and such arnt rated by our board.

    What is wrong with Korea and China?!?

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