Report: Nintendo 3DS Hardware Specs Revealed

Nintendo's next handheld game machine, the Nintendo 3DS, will be significantly more powerful, thanks to hardware specs that represent a vast improvement over the Nintendo DS and its more powerful successor, the Nintendo DSi.

IGN, citing "persons familiar with the hardware who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity," report that the 3DS will come stuffed with the following electronic guts.

CPU: 2 x 266MHz ARM11

GPU: 133MHz GPU by DMP


Video RAM: 4MB

Storage: 1.5GB Flash-based

New Nintendo 3DS Hardware Info [IGN - thanks, augustofretes!]


    seriously only 64mb of RAM? they can fit 512 into mobile phones that are smaller

      It's a gaming device, not a multitasking smart phone.

      By the way how much does an iPhone 4 cost outright... oh yeeah.

        You mean to buy the latest iPod Touch, which has the exact specs of an iPhone4 and is all you need for gaming? $289 for 8gb model.

        I'm not arguing it's a better choice or not, just informing you that you don't need iPhones for the iOS platform.

          no its not. the touch is actually slightly underspeced to the iphone 4.
          256MB ram not 512.
          though really your point still stands. in comparison the 3DS isnt as powerful as i thought it would be.

          it appears to be close enough to a gamecube.

          cpu: 486MHz
          GPU: 162MHz (though clock here really means nothing)
          Ram: 43MB

      "The original Nintendo DS featured a pair of ARM processors running at 67 MHz and 33 MHz and a comparatively paltry 4 MB RAM. The Nintendo DSi had double the CPU clock speed and quadrupled the system's RAM."

      It has a tonne more memory than the original DS and even the DSi.. And unlike mobile phones which often have to be able to multitask etc, the 3DS doesnt.

      Other big factor is cost.. Remember this thing has to be affordable. They will want to remain as close to DS/DSi launch pricing as possible.

      I believe that the philosophy is 'Lateral Thinking using Withered Technology'. Worked for Nintendo so far.


      Mobile phones aren't trying to pull off affordable 3D, either. 512mb of RAM, same amount as the PS3 and 360... sheesh!

    you won't really need to multitask with your 3DS though...

    It looks like the elusive PSP2 can remain competitive if it can provide simply mobile phone like specs.

      PSP... compete with DS... :D

    I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    Still going to buy one, though.

    Remember that nintendo want the highest profit margin possible from day one like they did with the wii and ds, and they are more than happy to sacrifice performance to achieve that. I know they're a business and all, but giving back to the fans really doesn't seem to be part of the nintendo philosophy.

    Guys... a gaming system is not a phone. Phones need a LOT more memory, especially if they are running an OS. Lets have a look at some REAL comparisons:

    Gamecube: 43MB RAM
    PS2: 32MB RAM
    PSP: 32MB RAM (64MB on later models)

    The CPU and GPU are also very close to that of the gamecube. This is very good for a handheld gaming system

    I'm actually kind of supprised at the storage, only 1.5 gig? Hopefully it has an SD card slot like the DSi, even more hopefully (probably not) it will allow game installs

      It is confirmed to have SD slot

    Remember the main point of the 3DS is that its portable. The higher the clock speeds the more power drain.

    Go see how long your ipod touch can run an intensive game for.

    It seems to be about as powerful as a Wii so I really wouldnt complain. The visuals they will be able to make on that small screen will look great.

    At first I was a bit disappointed, but then I remembered that it's only a game console and doesn't need a heap of ram to run, especially seeing as how games will be optimised to work well with it.

    The specs as a whole in comparison to other devices are a tad disappointing though. But they know what they're doing, and developers are happy so I'm happy!

    I would have expected a higher clock rate for the CPU and more memory. I would have expected something with perhaps half the specs of an iPhone 4.

    If those specs are accurate, then it has as much memory as a PSP-2000 and maybe 50% more processing power. I guess they spent most of the budget on the new screen.

    jeeze i never said it NEEDED it, all im saying is that its very POSSIBLE and affordable (iPod touch example above) to have more ram, and more could bring DS games great leaps and bounds into the present

      Very true.. but it has as much memory as the original Xbox.. would you really complain about xbox/gamecybe graphics on the go? Hell I certainly wont be! Bring on the Gamecube remakes imo!! I miss my cube /hugs controller

      actually, you remarked that cheaper mobile devices had more.

        smaller not cheaper, not that youll read this

      It is quite likely that Nintendo is designing the system to meet a particular retail price point.

      While there might be similar devices with more memory or faster CPU speeds, they don't have cutting edge 3D screen technology. That probably put pressure on what they could provide in those other areas.

        It's more like Nintendo wants as much profit as possible....

        Take a look at NDS XL, it's costs as much as PSP and iPod Touch, and spec wise, PSP and iPod Touch are way supperior than NDS XL.

        No matter what, I may still end up getting N3DS, but just not the 1st gen 3DS (after being burnt getting 1st gen GBA and NDS)

    A portable Gamecube is perfect, and in fact GCN specs are ALL YOU NEED ON A PORTABLE.

    And its 3D. And it has our favourite N64 remakes, as well as new stuff like Street Fighter IV. If you need iPhone specs, stop whining about the 3DS and get back to the hardcore title that is Angry Birds.

    Like the Wii, there is almost no future-proofing for this device. The GPU, CPU and Ram are already out-dated by phone standards (even the lower-end ones) and while I acknowledge that it requires less power due to no multitasking, the tech inside this device are already obsolete day one of launch.

    1.5GB of Flash memory is also woefully inadequate. That's trifling by even today's standards. Plus the 3DS likely has a 5 year product cycle (compared to months for phones), by the end of it, the tech in this thing will be like something from the stone age.

    We're all sporting the hope that it'll come out a competitive price point. But that's all it is, hope. We don't KNOW how much the thing will be priced, it might even be downright bad value. I think Nintendo will make the right call here, but for now, it's just wishful thinking.

    How can everyone say it's going to have gamecube/wii like graphics when it needs to be working alot harder to produce the 3d effect, you know... in effect produce two images at once?

    If its not producing 3D it might be fair to compare it to wii/cube games ... but then is that really why we are upgrading -for slightly better graphics?

    For me the 3D effect is going to have to be really good, and if it is .. and the games are fun - I will get one on day one. If not I will happily not buy it ever - I cant afford it anyways, so I kind of hope its a failturd.

    Is this a big deal for most people? Are any people complaining here going to be developing on the system? I'm going to wait to see some games and what the developers can do with in(in action, not screen shots) before I judge it.

    Just proving that the nintendo 3ds will be obsolete in terms of graphics from day one, look up epic citadel for iPod touch and iPhone. It is a demo by epic games (creators of gears of war series ect.). They have managed to pretty much squeeze the unreal engine on to ios devices. It honestly does look like a good looking current gen console game. This is an example of iPod touches capabilities.

    hi there yah 1.5 gb is eqevalent vof 7,000 blocks of nintendo bmeory

    hi there yeah 3DS has 665 mhz vs game cube at 648 mhz soo 3DS is 17 mhz faster 4 mb video ram vs wii 3 mb video ram and 1.5 gb flash storage capacity 3 times wii storage capaity but your right i did not buy a game cube becuse it was too much of a toy console i like wii nintendo 64 snes nes ds dsi and passed on vertual boy too becuase too big for portable

    hii there here are the reasons that nintendo are useig these technolgies specs how many 3 year old kids play with ipads ipod touch iphones do kids under 7 years own a cellphone see nintendo peppole will are kids and need vtoo stay with kiddy alowence from parents that buy 3ds for kids soo faster cpu more ram more video ram and higher flash storage adds cost i would have vgone with 4 or 8 gb internal flash storage and use the new 2 terabyte sdxc cards too

    hi there you want too know the cost out right with 32 gb and no contract $599 2 year contrat only $299 a 16 gb without cintract $499 with a 2 year contract is only $199 and i have 32 gb ipad $599 iphone 4 for $299 with contract and a 64 gb ipod touch i think was also $299

    hi there on the internet they are saying nintendo 3ds has 96 mb ram vs wii 88 mb of ram

    hi there i have a game takes 5 blocks wich could hold as many as 2,343,750 and anouther at 127 blocks of 90 games and nintendos vertal shop has only 600 games apps game/app combo hybride like mario clock

    hi there i hope the rumers are true 96 mb or 128 mb ram the chinia says 96 mb tini cartrage is from a 128 mb ram why i want more ram then wii wii 88 mb ram suports youtube soo 96 or 128 mb ram means 3D youtube videos that be alwsoume

    hi there i have seen web sites saying chinees has confirmed 96 mb of ram not 64 mb that means youtube xl from wii at only 88 mb

    hi there yeah wakipedia web site has confirmed 96 mb ram and 4 mb video ram more ram and more video ram then wii at 88 mb ram and 3 mb video ram

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