Report: PSP2 Hardware Now In The Hands Of 'Numerous' Developers

Sony is reportedly giving more and more developers access to the successor to the soon to be six-year-old PSP, with dev kits in the hands of (or en route) to "numerous development studios".

Develop cites "multiple industry sources" who claim that the "PSP2" is gearing up for a "significant launch window line-up", with developer-only hardware in the hands of Sony's internal teams and third-party video game makers. A developer at Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm recently claimed the Warner Bros-owned studio had PSP2 hardware.

We've never lacked for unconfirmed information on Sony's next handheld games machine. According to some reports, it has touch controls on its posterior, while others point to a gaming device that also acts as a smartphone and eReader.

Sony, for its part, is not yet talking openly about the successor to the PlayStation Portable. The original PSP has sold more than 62 million units across multiple configurations, according to Sony.

Sony sends PSP2 dev kits across the industry [Develop]


    By the looks of it they've got back to using UMDs, which I think is a good move. I also assume it will be able to play PSP games, but have a dedicated line of games of its own, meaning you'll have to upgrade to the PSP2 to play the new games; making the old PSPs obsolete in the process.

      That's just a mock-up...

    I'm more excited about a rumoured PSP2 device then the already announced 3DS to be honest. It better have 2 sticks and a touchscreen or I won't throw my money at Sony.

      I don't even know how thats possible, the 3DS looks amazing and for how big it is the technical specs are quite good.

    Umm, are you guys talking about the pic up top?
    That's just the back of an old school psp 1000 (the brick) with a 2 stuck on. Does anyone remember how much those things weighed...

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