Resident Evil Movie Goes No.1 At The Box Office

The fourth Resident Evil movie, Afterlife, opened in the US over the weekend and went straight to the top of the box office charts.

Now, killjoys will point out that it opened competing against, well... practically nothing. And that, being a 3D movie, its inflated ticket prices blew out its box office takings.

But it's too nice a day for killjoys, so Resident Evil: Afterlife, congratulations! $US27.7 million may be chump change next to genuine blockbusters, but it was enough to let you put "BOX OFFICE NO.1" on the DVD cover, and really, that's more than anyone was probably hoping for when camera began rolling on the thing.

'Afterlife' wins weekend b.o. with $US27.7 mil [Hollywood Reporter]


    All of the previous films made over US$100M each. And they all opened at Number 1. I would have been shocked if this film did otherwise. On top of that, it's actually rather good.

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