Retro Games Vs Modern Games, To The Death!

This is 8BITS. It's a stunning piece of animation - and I'm not making this up - personifying the struggle between the games of yesterday and the game's of today.

It's tradition versus industry. Persistence versus greed. And since this is a story, and not a documentary, you already know who comes out on top.

It runs just shy of seven minutes, but please. Watch the whole thing. It's worth every second.

[8BITS, via 4CR]


    Great animation, even if it was hard to tell what was going on sometimes.

    I watched it and I'm sorry but... eh?

    Would have been better with non-original characters. The art direction for hte characters was pretty ugly in my opinion.

    I get it but at the same time- wtf was dat shit

    It's kind of ironic that it critiques modern games for being soulless but uses computer animation instead of a more traditional hand drawn style.

    Can't we all just play D.Kong? :P :)

    I wonder if Bobby Kotick is like that boss dude in his internal meetings...

    The fact that the outro song is from YMCK makes this video +amazing!

    Gratuitous nudity (as rare as it seems) actually made this worse.
    And yeah the art was not to my liking large heads small bodies - and blob like enemies wasn't so much clever as meh.

    OMG Cool!

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