Return Of The Quack Is Best Double Duck Vs Evil Food Shooter You'll Play Today

A tragedy has befallen the Songbird Kingdom. Irradiated food and twisted mutants run rampant and it's up to you, Ducky and his trusty steed Lazerduck to rid the once peaceful land of Governor Cheeseburger's evil hordes.

This is Return of the Quack, a side-scrolling shoot 'em up that pits double the duck against mutant Fudgesicles, evil pizza slices and cruel yellow hands. Created by artist Matt Furie and game developer Chevy Ray Johnston, Return of the Quack is playable right now online.

But that's just the bonus level. To play the whole thing, pick up the latest issue of Giant Robot magazine, which features a cover by Furie and a disc featuring three more levels of Return of the Quack. Better yet, subscribe!

Return of the Quack [Official Site]


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