Rockstar's L.A. Noire Now Scheduled For Early 2011

Confirming speculation about the next big game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, publisher Take Two publicly delayed L.A. Noire to the first half of 2011.

The publisher did not cite any reasons for the delay. A press release for the company's earnings stated: "The release of L.A. Noire is now expected during the first half of calendar 2011."

L.A. Noire had been slated to come out before Halloween. The game is am ambitious long-in-development detective story set in the 1940s. The game is primarily being developed by Team Bondi in Australia, overseen by Brendan McNamara, creator of the PlayStation series The Getaway. Rockstar Games is backing that development.

While the L.A. Noire release may disappoint gamers eager for the next big Rockstar release, Take Two re-affirmed plans for the coming releases of Red Dead Redemption downloadable content. That Rockstar hit, Take Two says, has "sold in" more than 6.9 million copies worldwide.

Rockstar's other big upcoming, Max Payne 3, is slated for release some time past Halloween, which is the end of the last quarter of the year, for which Take Two has revealed any release dates. The game is not expected to be out until next year, given its absence from the standard hype cycle for big end-of-year games.


    Oh cool, since when did this not become a PS3 exclusive?

      a few months ago now, they probably realized a game in development this long needs as many platforms as possible to even consider making its money back. really disappointed no mention of upcoming gtas or agent (does that game still exist)?

        Oh, maybe it was Agent that was the PS3 exclusive?

          Nah, it was this game that was originally exclusive to PS3. However, it has been quite a long time since it was rumoured (and then announced) to be multi-platform. Really looking forward to this game!

    Ill be happy if they bring it to PC on release day along with the console versions. Chances are they will not. When it goes Ill get it, but not buy it....

    Will get the Ps3 version when it hits Though PC is my first choice.

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