Rookie NFLer Asks For Slight Ratings Adjustment

Ndamukong Suh, the first-round draft choice of the Detroit Lions, traces his video games bonafides to from Tecmo Bowl to Modern Warfare. In light of that pedgree, the lineman thinks he should get a Madden agility rating of "one million."

Suh offered the comment tongue-in-cheek to ESPN. He's got a 77 agility rating in Madden NFL 11 (and an 85 overall, the fourth highest on his team). The biggest deal to him seems to be making a video game with his name in it - something not allowed when he was an all-American at Nebraska.

"It's a surreal feeling to actually be in 'Madden' after all these years," he told ESPN's Jon Robinson. "The thing about the 'NCAA' game is that they have all those rules where they couldn't have your likeness in the game. Now in 'Madden,' that's finally me making the sack."

"As long as my character is super fast, super strong, athletic, with an agility rating of a million, I'm happy," he told Robinson. "I actually think video games are a great depiction of what really happens and how we play on the field.

Of course; what's more realistic than a one million agility rating?

Ndamukong Suh Requests 'Madden' Agility Rating Of One Million [, thanks cityslicker]


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