Rumor: Sony Blocks PS3 Jailbreak Devices Via Firmware Update

Well, that didn't take long. Sony has just pushed out a firmware update for the PlayStation 3, with users reporting that it "breaks" devices like the PSJailbreak.

Able to circumvent the PlayStation 3's copy protection and allow users to run games installed to a hard drive, a flood of these jailbreak contraptions have hit markets around the world in the last two weeks, along with a free, downloadable version for more tech-savvy users.

Gaming site eXophase claims that, since Sony released firmware update 3.42 earlier today, it has been able to verify that "all variants of the USB-hub emulating exploit (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak) are no longer functional".

It's far from the end of this war - many of the device's suppliers claim that they in turn can update their devices to get around Sony's future firmware - but for this week at least, it seems to be the end of this battle.

We've contacted Sony for confirmation on this, and will update if we hear back.


    Ah great, now does this mean when I get home I'm going to have to download yet ANOTHER update?

      They should be alot quicker now though, as I heard now they have the ability to add Firmware patches since 3.40 onwards... instead of complete download and installs.

      Already seen alot of comments that the download was very quick and smallish...


      But the updates these days are a lot faster than they used to be.

      Its ok 120mb its not that much fo a hassle is it?

        Maybe not for you, but my internet is terrible. During peak hour (1930 or so), I hover at about 30-50 KB/s. During the mornings yeah, it's fine. But still. It gets annoying having to download the billions of updates they release.

    It's all well and good that Sony are rolling out these updates to protect their interests. But I wonder how long it will be before one of these rushed updates actually starts to brick the consoles of the average user with a non-modified console?

      It's only a matter of time, after-all they have such a great record.
      Looks like I'll be doing backups before each update from now on!

        I've taken to doing a weekly backup of my PS3 anyway. I learned this lesson the hard way after my old PS3 died (power supply failure). Didn't have a backup, so it was bye bye to all my saved games. 200+ hours of Oblivion gone down the drain :(

        Take it from me, kids - if you're not currently backing up your PS3 on a regular basis, it's time to start.

    So if don't update, I could keep using one of these hacks? Or will the update be forced if I wanted to go online? Just wondering how it works.

      Probably the latter - that's the way they've worked in the past

      I think all PS3 firmware updates are mandatory if you want to go online. I'm pretty sure some games also force you to update before you can play them.

      pretty much right, the update is mandatory if you want to use PSN again... online gaming, access to the store, trophies synch, etc...

      otherwise you can not update and the console you have will be an offline only... though like the PSP, they might start packing in firmware for newer games, eg: so Uncharted 3 may require a FW higher than 3.42 for it to play.

      From what I gather, you won't be able to play online with the console you have the USB/hack in. Once you go online the system will request permission to download and intstall the latest version of the firmware.

      Didn't that USB advertise it only works on one particular firmware (4.1?).

      So basically, if you want this hack/usb thing. Don't expect to play online.

      If you go online it'll be forced. You might also find that new games going forward will require that firmware be installed before they'll work.

        And if it's anything like the old XBL, as soon as it detects you have a hack, it may instantly ban your account taking all your DLC and credit with it?

          They can't 'instantly detect' that you have the hack if you refuse to update your console.

          Ergo, simply don't update, the modchip makers will put out an update soon enough that you'll be able to use to go back online.

          The same thing has happened with the Wii and the Xbox, it's a vicious cycle of sony releasing updates, and then the modchips finding another exploit. You just have to be very careful about updating your console and you'll be fine

    Avast! The war on the high seas begins!

    So... when I update, will Sony have disabled my USB ports?

    Just buy the bloody games!

    This has been on my mind for about two years so I think it warrants all caps: WHY ARE PLAYSTATION 3 FIRMWARE UPDATES SO DAMN LARGE? Why can't they function cumulatively to reduce the file size? It all adds up, man.

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