Rumour: Mad Max Game With Just Cause 2 Developers?

Wondering where that Mad Max game had got to? It may have gone to Sweden, to guys who specialise in large worlds and explosions.

According to a report on Eurogamer, Avalanche Studios - the team behind Just Cause 2 - is working on the game, which should be an adaptation (or at least companion) to the pair of movies Australian director George Miller is currently toiling away on.

That works. Just Cause 2 was a blast so long as the sandbox gameplay held your attention, so something similar, only in the desert with Tina Turner, would be great.

GOWII dev working with Just Cause dev [Eurogamer]


    I would love this game if they used all the cars and bike from the original Mad Max. No doubt they'll make new models that are forgettable and with no soul. And all the characters need Australian accents too!!

    imo Mad Max gets better with age, because it says "this is what post-armageddon would've looked like if it happened in the early 80's"

    Also, anyone else ever noticed how much the Interceptor looks like a VK Commodore from the front.

      To me the thing is, as you said, that the most important part is the Australian accents. They should ALL be aussie. Not a few of them, but the clear majority. Maybe one or two would have an accent to make them stand out but other than that, Australian all the way... but I have this annoying feeling...

    As long as it has nothing to do with Beyond Thunderdome. Mad Max 2 was easily the best one, has deserved it's own game for years!

    If this gets done, I so hope the handling of the cars is good. I always notice that in sandbox style games the car handling isn't as good as it could be. The Saints Row games have the worst car handling ever. I love the Mad Max movies, especially the ford cop cars with the customized falcon body kits they have.

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