Rumour: Mortal Kombat, Prince Of Persia HD Collections Go 3D On PS3

Two rumoured high-definition ports of PlayStation 2 games, bound for the PlayStation 3, look less like rumours today, as box art for the Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection and Prince of Persia 3D Trilogy has apparently been outed by retailers.

Both compilations, previously leaked by retail listings, boast stereoscopic 3D support on their box arts, as reported by French gaming website JeuxVideo. A handful of online retailers, from GameStop in the US to GAME in the UK, have added, then removed Mortal Kombat HD listings for their systems.

The Mortal Kombat compilation from Warner Bros looks to feature the three games previously rumoured, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, as well as a demo of next year's Mortal Kombat reboot. Ubisoft's collection packs in Prince of Persias The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.

Previous leaks peg re-releases of Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series as bound for the PlayStation 3 as well.

Splinter Cell, PoP, MK, Rayman, compils confirmées [JeuxVideo]


    Do they mean remastered in actual 3D, or just to differentiate from the original Prince of Persia games?

    most probably retextured and running in stereoscopic 3d. but the game would pretty much remain untouched in the gameplay department.

    i wonder if this means the game will only run in 3D on hardware that supports it... or if this will simply be an option we can enable/disable in the settings...? i'm hoping the latter, because i for one would love to play through a hd non 3d copy of the pop trilogy

      I'm pretty certain all 3D in gaming will be optional, especially in these early days when there's a very small install base of people who can actually turn it on.

      Seconded, although the PoP trilogy is one of the few games I could really see the benefit of 3D in. The simple, geometric rooms would look really crisp and add to the sense of distance.

      Nobody's going to make a game that works ONLY in 3D - there just aren't anywhere near enough 3DTVs out there to make it worthwhile.

      3D will be an option for those who have the equipment for it.

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