Sackboy Invades The Kingdom Of Dotnia

On the same day LittleBigPlanet 2 is delayed a feature update for Atlus' 3D Dot Game Heroes brings a special guest to the retro land of Dotnia.

From one creativity fuelled PlayStation 3 exclusive to another, LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy makes his Dotnia debut in today's feature update for 3D Dot Game Heroes. Sackboy is not alone in his quest, as 50 fan and staff creations from the Hall of Heroes character sharing website join the game's roster of champions.

"We can think of no more fitting a character to feature than one that has become synonymous with creativity and imagination in gaming: Sackboy," said Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Atlus. "Now, people who start up their copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes can begin their adventures through the grand Kingdom of Dotnia with one of gaming's most recognisable icons!"

Along with the new characters, the feature update fixes a few bugs, adjusts completion times in the Dash Circuit mini game, and allows certain weapons to be carried over via New Game+.


    how awsome would it be if this developer worked with the minecraft guy to make a hd minecraft for the xbox/ps3

      not to break anyones dreams but I don't think the chances of a Japanese Game studio and a indie developer in America would team up. But that is a really good idea.
      Minecraft... HD

    I still feel like I need this game, despite not owning a PS3 :S

    So... is this update available in Australia? Coz nothing's shown up for me...

    So I picked this up last week (finally), and there's no update for me.

    Why would they have an update for other countries, but not Australia. That seems very, very odd.

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