Scenes From An Undead Nightmare

At first I was scared that Rockstar adding zombies to Red Dead Redemption would come off as silly. After seeing the first four screens for the Undead Nightmare downloadable content, I'm just scared.

It's one thing to be surrounded by zombies in a modern setting, where weapons are readily available and even the most ordinary household item becomes a deadly weapon. The thought of being chased on foot across a deserted stretch of land with no shopping mall in sight gives me the willies.

This is what the rest of the Red Dead Redemption playing world will have to deal with when the Undead Nightmare downloadable content is released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I'll be steering clear of this one.


    A game like this is only ruined by adding a cash-grab zombie DLC.

      I for one - perhaps because I so far haven't joined in on the zombie craze - am looking forward to this one.

      Has Rockstar screwed up DLC for one of their major titles so far? Not really.

      I trust them with this one, I love RDR and I can see this being a pretty cool expansion to the gameplay.

      Nobody's forcing you to download it...

    At first I found this decade's zombie craze boring. Now it's really annoying me. Zombies. Are. Not. SCARY!

      Scary? Of course not!

      Fun? Hell yeah!

      Then you, my friend, have missed the point of zombies. They're not as scary as what they represent and personify - to me, slow zombies represent mortality (you can run and run, but they'll always find you eventually) and fast zombies represent mindless inhuman aggression (a very hot-button fear in today's terrorism-obsessed world). Both types are responsible for the utter destruction of society and tearing down of all rules, which creates enormous scope for conflict among survivors and facilitates a bunch of different story devices (not to mention the hay that can be made over survivors getting turned). It's just a very chaotic, utterly different setting for a story, and that's why it keeps coming back in popular culture.

        "Beware the ravages of aaage!"

        Still not interested. As much as the cavalcade of zombie material irks me, I'm content to let it be. It's the fact that it seems to be invading EVERY non-related property that I find annoying. I want Red Dead Redemption because it's a Western, not a cheesy B-grade prosthesis-fest.

        Imagine if they were to suddenly thrust tweenie vampires into all the sci-fi shooter franchises out there (Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, Resistance). It would get tired, very quickly. It's fine with zombies though, apparently.

        I think you're wrong. I think zombies represent the individuals who mindlessly consume the very material they're presented in, staggering through life with total indifference to all but the cheap thrill of another gore-fest.

      So you're saying that if the zombie apocalypse occurred you'd be completely calm? You big He-Man you...

    I haven't got bored of zombies yet :D

    And I haven't seen wild west zombies before.

    $5 says the DLC includes a new shotgun.

    Hmmm.... I wonder if you also get undead critters that you have skinned??? That would be creepy!!

    I might buy this game simple for this DLC. I'm not a huge fan of western but zombies are awesome.

    see pic2, thats a Zombie horse!

    It actually looks kind of cool... I'm not sure if zombies in the wild west has been done before, but the game has the right atmosphere for it. My only problem here is that they could ruin what was one of the most realistic and believable (character/story wise) games ever made.

      It has, in Darkwatch, if nothing else.

    Look, I thought it would be a cash-grab too, but that looks genuinely awesome. I also hope there's a GOTY edition coming with all the DLC together.

    Too bad there is never anyone online to play with on PSN.

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