School With Erotic Game Connection Changing Its Name

A school in Japan's Yamagata Prefecture, Japan's largest cherry producer, discovered it had the same name as an erotic game brand. The city's mayor refused to change the name, but that has changed.

The school's name "Sakuranbo Shougakkou" ("Cherry Elementary School") is similar to an adult game brand's website that features questionable illustrations of young children.

"If we change the name," the mayor said, "that will justify this adult world all the more." Initially, the city's board of education said changing the school's name "was not necessary".

Today, the mayor has changed his tune, noting the power of the internet and expressing concern about the safety and security of the school's children. The school's name will be changed. Maybe run it through Google first this time?

山形「さくらんぼ小」、校名変更へ アダルトアニメサイトと同名で [MSN産経ニュース]


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