SEA/ANZ Starcraft 2 Invitational Is Half ANZ

There's a lot of people in Southeast Asia. More than 25 million, which is roughly the population of Australia combined with New Zealand. But as with most sports, we tend to punch above our international weight - and in the first official Starcraft 2 competition, half of the entrants are from Australia/New Zealand.

Blizzard is using the ladders to determine who gets entry, and six out of the sixteen players are Australian, with two New Zealanders. A full list of entrants and rules can be found here.

The competition will play out this weekend, and there'll be a live stream with commentary on the Archaic eSports site, here and here. The first round will be played tomorrow night at 9:30pm, the second begins Saturday at 3pm, and the final on Sunday at 3pm. It's not official, but we expect replays to be available afterwards as well.

Surprisingly, only 3 of the competitors are choosing Terran (Protoss being more favoured), despite Terrans receiving the most nerfs in the upcoming patch.

Former pro gamer Peter "Legionnaire" Neate, famous for his Starcraft success in Korea, will be competing. Although he's up against stiff competition in the likes of OxygeN from Singapore.

Immunity representative Andy "GlaDe" Pender will also be playing, whose mastery of Zerg vs Terran (his first matchup) will hopefully be enough to overcome the current high-level strategic trend of Reaper Rushing.

Good luck!


    Cool, Legionnaire got the Bronze medal in Brood War at the World Cyber Games a few years ago, he should do pretty well here.

    When it say "more than 25 million", does it mean "vastly more than"? Because when I first read it I thought you were saying they have about equal populations, and therefore we would have the exact right number of entrants.

    But still... Go Aus!!

    Only one I recognise is Legoinnaire, and that's only because of his games on Pantech/Curitel vs Boxer and his amazing Reaver/drop play. That guy truly revolutionised TvP in BW.

    Oh, and not to tone down the "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" back-patting going on here, but the SEA SC2 server only includes the English-speaking coutnries eg Aus, NZ, Singapore, HK and maybe some Pacific Islands.

    On top of that, (not meaning to stereotype), but the main population base ARE going to be players from countries with a higher cost/quality of living who can afford a modern PC/Starcraft/Internet connection etc.

    So yeah. Not at all surprised Aus/NZ is 50%

    I don't get how Australian and New Zealand entrants making up half of the competition is "punching above our international weight". After all, there's 26.8 million people in ANZ, and you said there's 25 million in SEA.

    Then again, Wikipedia says there's 593 million people in South East Asia. Either way, something doesn't add up.

      You missed the bit where he said "More than". He is using an example of hyperbole and slight sarcasm, to anyone else that missed that.

    Good on blizzard for doing these invitationals. live streams should be real interesting to watch!

    you are incorrect, the population if Thailand alone is 63million, southeast asia would be much much more, closer to 593,000,000 or half a billion people, comparing it to 25 mil is like comparing the titanic to a canoe

    glade vs KJH. that's a joke. either of those two guys could beat everyone else hands down.

    besides nirvana, the rest of the non-aus players are pretty terrible. winner of glade/kjh to take it out.

    Indonisia alone has more than 100 million people, however, I dont think there are many people playing down there. The count is wrong here anyway

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