Section 8 Returns With Prejudice

The solid game that hardly anyone played returns for round two next year in TimeGate Studios' Section 8: Prejudice. How the hell did Section 8 get a sequel?

The original Section 8 for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 received an average score of 70 or so on Metacritic, which isn't really all that bad. It was a solid first-person shooter that's main problem was being released shortly before Halo: ODST last year and a couple of months before Modern Warfare 2.

Now TimeGate proves its dedication to the IP with a sequel, Section 8: Prejudice. Prejudice picks up where the original game left off, with Captain Alex Corde and the 8th Armoured Infantry wiping up the last pockets of resistance from the Arm of Orion, only to stumble across an even bigger threat.

"As you can see, we are very committed to this universe. The development team has tremendous passion for the IP," said Adel Chaveleh, CEO of TimeGate Studios. "Feedback from the community and media has been used to drive every single development decision on this project. Prejudice is taking everything popular about the first game of the series and pushing the envelope further. We've created a brand new and compelling story-driven singleplayer experience, expanded the world with new environments and massive amounts of new equipment. Prejudice is a full-blown sequel in every sense."

Hopefully the new Section 8 can draw bigger crowds than the original. Section 8: Prejudice is slated for an early 2011 release, with platform details being released at a later date.

Check out the first screens and the debut trailer right here.


    Ok let me say this... i own Section 8.. and there is nothing damn solid about it... The single player experience was just complete PAP!

    I never even got to experience Multiplayer as i could NEVER find anyone to play against, even after receiving the game from this lovely site shortly after it's release...

    It kinda slipped in there between direct competitors ODST and MW2.

    This game wants to be Halo so bad, the guys at Bungie asked PAX to put Timegate's booth on the opposite side of the center.

    I brought it on release, and quite enjoyed the multiplayer when I could find a server. I just stopped playing when they patched it cause there was a week difference between when the client and servers were patched.

    I won't be buying the sequel, but I'd like to play again if there was a community out there.

    I got section 8 a couple of weeks after its ps3 release, and its an alright game in single player, but both it and the multiplayer need to be improved, a lot.
    And no one was ever playing it.

    it just needs more, so MUCH more.

    and half decent voice acting would be a start.

    the only thing i liked about it was the suits were pretty cool. apart from that it had NOTHING and thats why i and a few others just stepped away.

    To me it just looks like more of the same

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