See Bond Go Hand-To-Hand In Blood Stone

If you thought all developer Bizarre Creations can do is driving, wait until you see Daniel Craig driving his fists, knees, feet and elbows into the easily broken bits of his enemies in Blood Stone 007.

I'm quite impressed by how the combat system in Blood Stone has turned out. It has a very The Bourne Conspiracy look to it, and the close quarters combat in that game was one of its few redeeming factors. With Bizarre at the helm we know the driving bits will be solid, so that makes two solid bits of gameplay. That's probably enough for me to give it a go when it hits stores this November.


    Agreed - looks quite cool actually

    its reminding me of Splinter Cell Conviction so far...which is AWESEOME! fingers crossed this one pans out well. i want another bond game like Everything or Nothing :D!!!

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