See Epic Games' Project Sword For The iPhone In Action

If you missed yesterday's Apple event, you may have also missed Gears of War and Unreal Engine developer Epic Games showing off its new first-person slasher for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Project Sword. You shouldn't miss it this time.

While Project Sword appears to be a highly simplified combat experience, it is graphically very impressive for an iPhone game. iPhone and iPod Touch owners who would like to see Epic's portable version of the Unreal Engine 3 in action can do so now by downloading the Epic Citadel tech demo.

Project Sword will be released via iTunes later this year.


    I'd like to point out this looks fantastic. I made comments the other day about the iPhone / iPad not being a game device, or at least not being any good for multiplayer.

    I'm probably going to have to eat those words.

    too many games devices. who has time to play this?
    iphones are like the new gba for this generation. only little kids and preteens have it and if you're older than that and download useles apps and play games like this on it in public you need to grow up.

      @tom: tl;dr How dare you have fun with a hand-held game as an adult?!

      Need to grow up? What are you posting on a video games website for, then? Shouldn't you be out on the porch in your rocking chair shaking your fist madly at them damn rascal kids and their devil music?

      wow... the giant douche bag award of the day goes to you buddy...

      only little kids and preteens have iphones? wow... wake up and smell the douche bag... lol

      on topic... fantastic looking game... if it plays as good as it looks i'll be buying it day 1.

      Tom... Awesome story man.

      Tom is vice-president of online marketing at Sony.

      Wow, where did that come from, maybe someone has a grudge.

      The only thing i agree with is the fact that who has the time to play all these games. With the number of consoles out there (home, handheld and phone)there are a huge amout of games to play with than there are hours in the day.

      Also, the average gamer isn't rich, so yeah, i don't see myself buying an iphone anytime soon, unless someone wants to give me one.

    It's pretty damn cool.
    I was playing the tech demo yesterday and I was very impressed. I Can't wait to see Rage! :)

    However, even with the intuitive controls I still think that having to use the screen space for controls knocks a few stars of the final score. :(
    Such lovely graphics being covered up by my honky thumbs! >.<

    please tell me they are gonna do a windows phone release

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