See Starcraft II's Update In Action

Starcraft II's first official patch, v1.1, is now ready for download, and changes, they have been made. Such tweaks are hard to visualise in your head, however, so let's look at a video guide to them instead.

YouTube user PsyStarcraft has posted this handy guide to the updates made to many of the game's units, showing you the changes made to things like build times and damage, as well as little additions like a frames-per-second counter.

He gets a little... internet-y at times, heavy on the whiny commentary, but it's still worth it to get a proper handle on how things have changed since Starcraft II v1.0.

[via Fidgit]


    Well worth a watch. Informative enough that I now know all the changes in v1.1.

    He was more then a little whiny :P

    Hi guys,

    I'm aware many people are finding the patch isn't auto-downloading. Their client just says "unrecognized client...".

    Well I think I've found a way around that. Go to your Starcraft II install folder then the folder. In there is a file called Open that using Starcraft II launcher (either drag the file onto the sc2 exe or open using right click and choosing the launcher.

    Should start downloading the patch fine then.

    I don't think he realizes that a stop watch or a desk clock would have the same effect as the in-game timer. A lot of players that use them before this patch would now no longer have an advantage over those that don't.

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