See Super Street Fighter IV's New Boys In Action

Yun and Yang, the two new characters in the Japanese arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV, are going at it in this gameplay footage.

We know, their opponents aren't fighting back; it's training room stuff, designed to show off the pair's moves, especially their ultras.

Ultras, artwork and images of Yun & Yang in SSF4 arcade [EventHubs]


    These characters will not be sold as DLC, instead, players will have to purchase 'Super DOOPER Street Fighter IV', which will include these characters, along with all of the features of Super Street Fighter IV!

    Those of you who already own street fighter IV, and super street fighter IV, don't worry! You're dedication will be rewarded with a special gift (an unlockable cosmetic costume)

      Out of all the names Capcom uses and the best you could come up with is Super Dooper? What about Super Street Fighter IV Hyper Edition or Ultra Super Street Fighter IV or something?

      Geez man if you're going to make a lame joke at least put some effort in.

    So far I'm the only one who noticed that Yun's first Ultra can be called a "c**t punch!"

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