See The Nintendo 3DS's New Functions In Action

Nintendo has a new promotional video that shows off the Nintendo 3DS's various functions like Tag Mode, Mii Studio and the portable's augmented reality capability.

Since it's hard to show 3D on a 2D screen, Nintendo has packed this promotion video with all the extras that its new portable is able to do. Tag Mode enables Nintendo 3DS portables to stay in constant contact with nearby 3DS handhelds and exchange data. The Mii Studio feature can automatically make Miis based on real photos, while the AR function lets players enjoy augmented reality with their Nintendo 3DS and AR cards.


    Wow, the AR function looks really cool. Plus, the always-on tag mode is such a great idea! I remember them experimenting a bit with it back on the original DS (The World Ends With You was the example I remember the most), but it kind of failed, as for it to work it required both users to have their DS on, in-game, and in standby mode, which... didn't really happen that often.

    I personally find the standby mode of DS (Phat) chew up too much battery life... so I don't particularly this so called Tag mode...

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