See The Xbox 360's New Dashboard In Action

Being a YouTube video, you might want to reach for the mute button, but once hit, enjoy this tour of the Xbox 360's new dashboard, fresh from the Kinect beta.

While the design is nowhere near as drastic a change as the last dashboard update for the Xbox 360, it's still more than a slight nip and tuck, with only the overall concept of sliding tiles remaining. Everything else, from their perspective to the colours to the fonts to the menus is different. Different and cleaner.

[Thanks Richard!]


    Jeebus, they seem to be promoting anorexia with the new avatars.

    Also, I still hate the long-long linear pan to get to things I want, give me a grid!

    Dear god, PLEASE allow us to customize colour schemes!! I quite like the square, clean-cut lines, but there's too damn much white, which is strange considering how much MS are trying to push the whole "black" thing with the new console, accessories, etc. It's so conflicting.

    Ahh! I had headphones on trying to drown out external noise when I started this vid... Never ignoring advice about a mute button again

    As for the dash, it looks faster but more 2 dimensional, otherwise much the same

    The music is awesome. Get more dubstep in you Luke.

    The future is bland...


    They've gotten rid of a brilliant nicely curved interface and turned it into one that looks like a computer. If I wanted to play the computer then I wouldn't be on the xbox would I!

    Every aspect of the new interface is either irrelevant or downright horrible. Lame.

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