Sega Bringing Nightmares To Kinect

If Haunt is the kinect horror game for the family and kids, Sega's Rise of Nightmares sounds like the horror game for those of you who really like their horror. Think Silent Hill, with waving arms.

What we saw of it at Microsoft's TGS keynote can best be described as a dark, seemingly on-rails title that has a real Silent Hill look and feel to it. There's blood, there's screaming, there's torture.

Rise of Nightmares won't make Kinect's launch timeframe; instead, it'll be out in 2011.


    It would be kind of funny if Microsoft uploaded the video feed of people playing this game to YouTube.

    "Think Silent Hill, with waving arms."

    Does the game come with a 10 pack of yellowish-brown trousers?

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