Sega's Handling Of Its Next Yakuza Game Is Looking Good

The last Japanese mobster game that Sega released for the PlayStation 3 came to North America noticeably scathed. Missions were missing, as were hostess clubs and any semblance of quality box art. But things are lookin' up for Yakuza 4.

Sega released new screenshots, new video and new box art for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive today, underscoring a game that appears to be on the right track. Sega reiterated in a release that, yes, in-game hostess clubs will remain intact Yakuza 4.

Also available in the next Japanese gangster game will be karaoke, pachinko parlours and more Tokyo-style adult entertainment.


    (puts on preorder list)

    Sega's been doing some really good things lately (even if some of it has just been publishing) in my opinion.

    wait till the japanese start complaining about being misrepresented

    Just translate everything and cut nothing and I will be happy. It aint that hard.

    Nice Box Art.

    Must Pre-order this now!

    Pity there ain't going to be a free soundtrack this time around, as unlike Yakuza 3 this game never got a soundtrack.

      There is still time for them to surprise us with extras!

    3 was really god once it developed, but 4 actually looks like it will be a better game.

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