Seven-Foot Man Unhappy With Bad Rating In NBA 2K11

The starting lineup ratings for NBA 2K11 went out yesterday, and centres were notably underweight. None rated 90 or above, a superstar badge (Dwight Howard was 88) and five of the bottom seven players are pivots. One expressed his displeasure.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Washington Wizards' JaVale McGee (pictured, at right), a third-year player out of Nevada. He's also 59-rated, the third worst centre in the game and fifth-worst player overall.

Let's not rip McGee too hard. He saw limited action last year and is considered to have solid potential as a young NBA player. He still averaged four rebounds and nearly two blocks per game despite a 16-minute per game average.

But he's wrong about Antawn Jamison ("Twan" in the tweet above) who is not rated 71. The Cavs' power forward, a former McGee teammate on the Wizards, is actually a 78. Still, McGee's just two points north of the dreaded Darko zone, so I can understand his pique.

JaVale McGee Upset with NBA 2K11 Rating [Pasta Padre]


    McGee was in the running to be part of the US world champ team last month, I think he made the last 20 or so - whilst he is one-dimensional he is by no means the 5th worst player in the game... I'd say he has a point...

    Just throwin this out there... Is he sure going by that picture the statistic in question doesn't reflect IQ???

      I thought it was a pretty harsh rating for McGee, he had a really good season in limited minutes last year. He's probably going to be rated 70+ by the end of the 10-11 season.

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