Shall We Go Out With A Bang?

Yes, let's!

[Thanks to Ben Abraham for the perfect screenshot.]


    Haha - very nice - great work Ben, with the screenie :)

    Well this really sucks... Make sure you come by once in a while and say hi to the gang!

    It won't be the same without "The Goose" around.

    Thanks for everything, mate :)

    Cheers David.

      Where is david going?

        To a better place.

    I thought you meant the other type of bang ... ;)


    If this means what I think it means, goodbye, David, we'll all miss you ;)

    And it is a VERY nice screenie O.O

    Viper: Good morning, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees.
    Wolfman: Holy shit, it's Viper!
    Goose: Viper's up here, great... oh shit...
    Maverick: Great, he's probably saying, "Holy shit, it's Maverick and Goose."
    Goose: Yeah, I'm sure he's saying that.

    Bye David!

    So long and thanks for all the articles.

    Well... at least as far as talking at you through here goes anyway. ;)

    = (

    I don't comment here much, but you're definitely one of my favourite journalists out there. Sucks to be us; good luck with all your endeavours in the future!

    Is that you burning your bridge?


    The new goose chapter starts tomorrow.

    Thanks for all of the hard work and great content, David. You've really built a community here and made the concept of localised Kotaku content wortwhile (and then some). You will be missed!

    *salutes* as well.

    Hang on... is Goose the one with the gun? Or was he in that...whatever that was before it went asplode? What's the metaphor here, people??? Enquiring minds need to know!

    You think about heading back to Hyper, doing some articles there? I'd love to see some articles on the state of gaming in Australia - IGN and Gamespot both have good editorials on that. Maybe they have a place for you?

    *sheds manly tear as the Goose Enclosure is opened and David flies off into the sunset*

      *Head Explodes*

      Enclosure? He's always been a Wildgoose.

    Bye and good luck with what ever it is you're going to be doing now.

    so say we all.

    Cheers mate

    Goosey, it's been a blast!
    It's sad to be seeing you go!
    And I don't want to sound like a dick, but I'm concerned I never received my prize for creating the community service logo, I sent you a few emails and never got a response.
    nonetheless, goodbye and good luck on your travels!

    Fare thee well good sire. Thanks for all the awesomeness you have put into this site and community.

    Goodnight and good luck David.

    It's been a wild ride, Wild Goose.

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