She's In Complete Control

Toronto-area model and psychedelic artist blackfeatheredcrown shows her devotion to Nintendo in a very appealing fashion. Catch the whole set on her Flickr page.


    This will probably get moderated,but it has to be asked; where the hell is the Wii-mote?

        That website has VIRUS!

          No it doesn't.

    That flickr link has been DELETIFIED.

    She says on her page that she did it cos her boyfriend is a 'hardcore gamer'. Look at the size of his tv!

    tsk tsk - writing to you from my 55" LED Samsung.

    is it just me or is the leg in the background....odd? :S

      I thought so too, on closer inspection it's just the controller cable.

    Im sorry, no Wavebird means 'me no care'.

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