Shining Hearts Needs More Time To Shine

PSP game Shining Hearts, the last entry in Sega's Shining fantasy series, was slated for release on December 2. It has been delayed.

According to Sega's site, the game's quality needs to be improved. However, there has been some speculation that the recently revealed December 1 release date for Monster Hunter 3rd Portable has caused Sega to slide the game back.

Monster Hunter is one of the most popular PSP franchises in the platform's history. Releasing a PSP game the day before it goes on sale is akin to opening for the Beatles. Everyone is waiting for you to get off the stage.

Shining Hearts features character design by Tony Taka, who also worked on Shining Tears and Shining Wind.

Shining World [Official Site]


    The quality of EVERY Shining game after Shining Force III needs to be improved, Sega.

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