Should You Buy Move For Your PS3?

Tonight's the night, well, technically tomorrow is the very early morning.

At the strike of midnight you will be able to pick up the PlayStation 3's Move add-on so you can play motion games on your Sony console.

The question is: Should you?

I've had one for a bit now and I've found some games I quite enjoy playing with it. At the top of my list is actually Ubisoft's R.U.S.E., which has Move support that turns what could have been an awkward feeling real-time strategy game into something that feels a bit like playing strategy on the PC.

But ultimately you're going to have to make your own mind up on this one. Fortunately, we've provided you tons of research to help you make that decision.

Here are the three best places to look for all of the information you need:

Playstation Move Review: The Motion Controller Wars Start Now

The Ultimate Guide To The PlayStation Move

The Complete Playstation Move Compendium

Let us know what you decide. And if you pick the Move up, record one of these for me: Flight of the Move Controllers


    Child of Eden is the only reason I can see to buy move, and then the details are sketchy.

    So far I have only really enjoyed Table Tennis on Sports Champions demo and Tumble. I HATE The Shoot and Kung Fu Rider. I have yet to chuck in my Heavy Rain and update it for Move controls. Thats the only core game I have for it so far.

    It was actually released yesterday 16/09/10.

    I was going to get it, but since you dont even get a game with it i'm not going to bother.

    I haven't seen anything that differs from what the wii offers.

    When some more games come out i may be interested. Really only want Light Gun games anyway.

    Picked mine up last night after work. Didn't have much time to play it as I had other plans, but what I did play, I was actually quite impressed.

    I was dubious on the PS3 eye tracking the controllers visually, and how responsive it would be, but I was surprised at how well it works. I played the Kung Fu Rider Demo for about half an hour and it was heaps of fun. The move controllers are quite responsive.

    My only complaint so far is, as the review said, they're not much good for XMB navigation. But it's not a huge issue, it feels more natural to use a controller or BD remote anyway.

    It's going to depend on the person at the end of the day, and it is a lot of money to get set up with a starter pack, extra move controller, charge station, etc, but it's a lot of fun, and it seems to work quite well.

    Nice to have a laid back break from MAG, SSFIV, WaW, and all the other thumb crippling seriousness.

      That's interesting about the XMB controls. I would have thought that the Move controller would handle that with ease. You should be able to just move the controller side to side, and get a smooth scrolling through the XMB.

      Oh well, like the review says, it should easily be fixed via a firmware patch. We're getting 4.50 soon enough.

      I'm totally with you on this one. My favorite game is the table tennis, but I haven't tried the real tennis one yet, but I can see it being great, too.

      TBH it's the best $80 I've spent on the PS3 yet.

    My lounge room is.... cosy. How far from the camera does one need to be to use Move?

      The camera is used in wide-angle mode and likes you to be within about the 1-2 metre range. Cosy would be fine imo.

      Really enjoying table tennis and frisbee golf so far, looking forward to drunken multiplayer rounds of The Fight.

    Not buying it yet. Probably waiting for Time Crisis or Sorcery but even then I'm not sure whether it's worth it for a couple of games, or whether the games are any good or not.

    Got it yesterday & my Wife kicked my arse at all of the "Sport" demos.

    Got Tiger 11 today (the real reason I got Move) & after swearing at the tv / ps (& nearly returning Tiger) have decided its worth the $100

    Will get better at Tiger before beers with the boys though.

    Nothing worth getting, right now.
    Lets see a year from now.

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