Sign Endorsements In NBA 2K11's Career Mode

As surmised, 2K Sports is upping the role-playing aspect in the second year of its "My Player" singleplayer career mode. Two screens and a quick comment today say your player will get endorsement opportunities if he becomes a big enough star.

"Become a star in My Player mode and you'll get sponsorships from iconic brands," 2K wrote on the game's official Facebook page. "What sponsor would you most like to have? Jordan Brand? Gatorade? Sprite? 2K Sports?"

The screens show a billboard appearance for the created player (above), and an endorsement offer letter signed by Michael Jordan (at bottom), who appears prominently throughout the game.

Earlier this week, NBA 2K11 revealed "My Player" would have post-game news conferences, plus custom sneaker designs and now this. It's not explicitly said if all three are connected, or how they would be, but it again points to a greater emphasis on role-playing and off-the-court elements.


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