Sign Up Now For The New Xbox Live Preview Program

Microsoft is looking for a few thousand folks to test out its next big Xbox Live Update. Who wants an early look at the new Xbox Live dashboard?

If you're keen to get a peek at the new dashboard along with ESPN on Xbox Live, Netflix searching, Zune music and other updates coming in the next big Xbox Live update, now's your chance. Microsoft is now accepting applications for the Xbox Live update preview program, and with multiple thousands of participants needed, there's a strong chance you'll be one of them.

How do you sign up, you ask? Simply head to the sign up web page, sign in with the Windows Live ID that's connected to your Xbox gamertag and fill out a short survey. Microsoft will let you know if you get in.

Major Nelson says the preview program is open to all Xbox Live members in all regions, though paying gold members will be given priority over silver members. He also stressed that this is not a Kinect beta, so don't expect any free hardware to come your way.

Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program [Major Nelson]


    It looks like a cleaner UI, but...

    I'll sign up when I'm home.

    Just been accepted, will start within a two week period.

    I don't like these new avatars. ;_;

      new avatars? huh?

        The new avatar's have been made to look more human for kinect.

    i need party chat, gonna have to pass.

    Probably going to regret signing up. Party chat is one of the best things to come to Xbox.

    I would, but lack of party chat disturbs me. That would ruin my entire Xbox Live experience.

    I'll have to wait till I get home... I don't know my serial numbers off the top of my head.

    This looks really horrible. There's nothing wrong with the current interface.

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