Snoopy Dogg, Chuck, LL Cool J In Best Halo: Reach Vid Ever

Snoop Dogg vs LL Cool J: The Ultimate Halo Smack Down from LL Cool JAnd I thought our Kotaku Play Date on Halo: Reach was intense, at least we didn't try distracting each other...

But LL Cool J's mind tricks don't work on Snoop Dogg, or as the hip-hop star puts it:

"A flatbed truck full of bikini models? Shoot, just another Wednesday for me."

No, Snoop Dogg is so gangsta he even holds his controller sideways when he pwns newbs.


    "Your gonna have to drop down your controller if you want some of that hot tasty delicious pizza..." -hahaha lol.

    Lul. Win. "YOU CAN"T REACH ME DOG!". "MUM! No, I'm not yelling at you mum!"

    "Flatbed truck full of bikini models? That's just another Wednesday for me." Gold.

    Dammit, I thought they were actually gonna be playing Halo.
    Wasn't expecting a commercial

    That's hilarious.

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