So How Laggy Is PlayStation Move?

There's been criticism that Microsoft's Kinect suffers from lag. But what about Sony's rival PlayStation Move? How laggy is it?

In a FAQ section on the PlayStation Blog, Sony come close to actually putting a number on the thing, stating "The PlayStation Move has similar sensing latency as the DUALSHOCK 3 controller - for many PlayStation Move games, this is about 22ms".

Of course, Sony then points out "Modern HDTVs unfortunately have much more latency, usually on the order of 60-160ms", so yes, in short, the Move isn't - at least according to Sony's own internal testing - very laggy at all. Good to hear!

PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ [PlayStation]


    Now all we need is some hardcore titles around release date and I might actually be happy with the Move...

    Manufacturor says product is without flaws... pictures at eleven.

    Up next, is your toothpaste poisoning you?
    Stay tuned for the shocking... tooth.

      They have at least had the decency to throw out some unverifiable numbers to keep us entertained. Credit where due.

      Forgot to put your sunglasses on

    Let's not forget that we get 'only' 60 frames displayed on HDTV per second...

    From my experience with the new control systems, I was disappointed with how noticably laggy Kinect was particularly for such casual shovelly titles as they are launching with... yet pleasantly surprised with how responsive Move was, even on 'hardcore' stuff like SOCOM, KZ3 and GT5.

    I am definitely getting both- I just wonder if it will take anything like 4 years for Playstation and Xbox to copy Nintendo's next 'gimmick' console.

    If it gets some great games that are fun to play get it, if it's crap leave it.
    Who cares?

    i wouldnt think the ps3's move would be that laggy considering the amount of processing power the ps3 is capable of using for its complex calculations.

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