What's The Biggest-Selling Super Mario Bros Game?

So the Super Mario series has sold 240 million copies worldwide since 1985. Wondering how those numbers break down amongst the various games?

Using official Nintendo numbers (Nintendo discloses sales figures with its financial results) French newspaper Le Monde has done us all a favour and made a pretty chart, outlining the sales of every Super Mario Bros game from the original right through to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The original's sales are skewed by the fact it was a console pack-in, but even still, when you look at the older games compared to the newer ones... Nintendo sure knew how to sell a Mario game back in the day.

[Le Monde via VG247]


    Looks like more people (myself included) prefer their Mario to be 2D.

    although vgchartz are not 100% accurate they peg new super mario bros at 22 million. This graph may be based on old data?

    I call BULLSHIT!

    Lost Levels is missing!

    I'm a big fan of both the 3D & 2D Mario games but do prefer the 3D ones (I've collected every star in all of them except Super Mario 64 DS) so I think the 3D ones deserve more sales, especially SM64, Sunshine & Galaxy.

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