So, Who Is The Most Popular Character From Street Fighter IV?

When Street Fighter IV was first released, you couldn't throw a fireball without tripping over somebody playing as Ken. Over a year on from its release, though, and it's time to find out who's really the most popular fighter.

Fighting game mecca Shoryuken polled over 5000 of its users on which character they used as their "main", and the results are in, showing that more people play as Street Fighter's pin-up boy, Ryu, than anyone else.

Coming in second was Bison, while in the rear was Dan. Poor Dan.

Sure, the results are coming in from a hardcore fighting community, but by September 2010, is there anyone but the hardcore fighting community still playing the game regularly?

Results: Who's Your Main Character in Super Street Fighter IV [SRK]


    Vega, Bison, Balrog - are these the japanese names or the US ones?

    I.e. is the Vega listed Claw?

    Wow i thought Dan would have been the number one. Come on his moves are so cool. Right!!

    Im surprised Sagat is so far down the list, otherwise no grand surprises for me. Tho maybe its time for a Hori tune-up. If only to keep it from squeaking...

    WTF? I thought Ken would be on top... soon as I saw the title for this, I was like: no prizes for guessing RYU. It's good to see CHUNG-LI in the top three. I also like VEGA, who is about halfway down the list. And what the hell is GUILE doing so far up on the list? He seems like a pretty useless character to me.

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