Some Extreme Sniping In Medal Of Honor

In this latest Medal of Honor gameplay video, we get a sweet taste of how the game's singleplayer will be treating us to some sniping.

I love the long delay between shot and hit and the use of trip wires to cover our sniping arses.

Electronic Arts tells us that this video, entitled Friends from Afar, puts us in the boots of Deuce from AFO Wolfpack as you and Dusty move higher up the mountains to hunt dug-in Al Qaeda fighters.



    That was great, I love the sound in this game. Iv'e been very impressed with the last battlefield game and I am looking forward to this one alot. I think this game is the COD killer for me.

    It looks good, I think "All Ghillied Up" is still the best sniper mission this generation.

    The fact you can make it through the mission without killing anyone is amazing and hiding in the grass from the enemy patrol was nerve racking.

    Although I can't wait to play MoH again.

    Single player and the sound looks great. No bullet drop :(

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