Someone Should Get A Medal For This Real-Life Rocket Jump

A month ago, Freddie Wong gave us a look at aimbots (and bunny hops) in live action. In another clever short film, Wong gives us the allegorical real-life birth of the leetest tactical innovation - the rocket jump.

Don't try this at home, kids. Rocket jumps hurt if they're poorly timed. And they're all poorly timed. So put that bazooka down.

The Rocket Jump [freddiew on YouTube]


    'So man created rocket jump, and it was leet'

    Brilliant! TF2 soldier would be proud

    God I love his stuff.

    hahaha man that is so brilliant... can he please make a full length movie just full of this stuff?!?

      Have you not seen 'The Expendables'? lol

    I remember playing Quake and rocket jumping like crazy - that was the first game I remember that people were able to do it.... is Quake responsible for the birth of the rocket jump?

    I think it was the first FPS with freelook and the facilities to do it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

      For FPS games at least, I believe you are correct. The Quake games are some of the first and possibly the best examples of rocket jumping in deathmatch games (though the technique is different). While you could actually rocket jump in Doom, the lack of Z-axis aiming did not make it possible until mods like ZDoom came along.

      I'm fairly sure marathon had rocket jumping, and I'm fairly sure it predated quake, the main downside is that it was a bitch to do, as you had really limited vertical view rotation. In (I think) it was the second one, they had some secret areas that if you ballsed up you had to use it to, so assuming that pre-dated quake, then it had rocket jumping (or more typically, grenade jumping) prior to quake...

      Although, again, it was barely a rocket jump, as you couldn't actually jump, it was usually more a "cock-up and die".

    It can only fires once, then is thrown away on the battlefield. How does it hold 2 Rockets, that is just ridiculous.

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