Sonic Adventure Sprints To XBLA In September

Sega's "Return of the Dreamcast" starts this September with the re-release of Sonic Adventure on Xbox Live Arcade. Microsoft has put a September 15 release date on the Dreamcast to PC to XBLA port.


    Is that September 15 World Wide or is it a localised release?

      Knowing the way Live Arcade releases make it to the Australian marketplace (and the time difference between us and the US), it'll probably be available to us VERY early in the morning on the 16th.

    Hang on, wasn't Sonic Adventure already released for PC?

      it was.

    Apparently its only 800 points for Sonic Adventure and it has updated graphics! What a steal!

    (I don't read Major Nelsons blog, its just a link for proof.)

    Wasn't Sonic Adventure supposed to have been... you know, crap? I'm not bashing the game because I never actually played it - although I always wanted to, so I'll probably get this - but the general concensus seems to be that it was a massive fail.

    I just think it's strange that MS would re-release a game from just 2 gens back, when nobody liked it.

      General consensus from people who actually played it is that it isn't bad. It didn't do for the series what Mario 64 did for the Mario series, but it was pretty good nonetheless. I quite enjoyed it way back when (although I'm more partial to the streamlined Sonic Adventure 2).

      It hasn't aged well, mind you, and the gameplay sections with Big the Cat are painful (whoever thought building a new gameplay style around fishing for a Sonic title is an idiot). But it's worth at least checking out. I'd suggest trying out the trial version before parting with your points though.

    Sonic Adventure's a nice sight, but where is my Jet Set Radio!?

      Jet Set Radio? WHERE'S MY SHENMUE?!

    The Sonic Adventures on the DC were great. I believe most people called it the last and best series of Sonic in 3D.

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