Sony America Taking Modchip Seller To Court

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed suit in California against an online retailer in the United States, accusing them of a raft of charges including copyright violation.

While not specifically mentioned in the court documents, it's believed the accused, Zoomba LDC - trading at the address - has been attempting to sell the new PS3 Jailbreak modchip, which allows users to circumvent the PlayStation 3's copy protection and play games retail games installed on the console's hard drive.

Shoppsjailbreak is listed as one of two "official" distributors for the PS3 Jailbreak on the device's website.

The suit was filed on Tuesday in the California Northern District Court, and accuses Zoomba of copyright infringement, violations of the digital millennium copyright act and trademark infringement. SCEA is seeking damages and an injunctive relief, which would block the sale of the devices.


    It looks like Sony is going to go as far as they can to stop the spread of avaliability of these things. Maybe nintendo shouldve taken advice from Sonys lawyers many years ago :P

    but I think they have every right to try and stop people getting their hands on them. Sure people say they want to backup their games, but people say that about r4's aswell and we all know that's complete BS.

      If it allows people to install the disc onto the hard drive, fine.
      If it lets them play the game without the disc in the drive, bit grey but mostly okay.
      The trouble with R4s is the need to download games off the internet to play. It's not one person backing up their software, it's two people exchanging intellectual property.

      From what I've heard of this, you can't use it to play downloaded copies. It only lets you backup official games.
      I may have gotten this mixed up, however.

        Even if that was true you can still return, hire or borrow friends games so I think weather your right or not it's irrelevant.

        Hope Sony beats these people as the playstation 3 has been very solid as a result now that it's found its feet.

        so people rent them back them up and have them forever

        As for the R4 needing to download them

        you don't need to download them if you know what to do just in most cases its simpler to download them than to convert them yourself

        the thing is that things can be used for illegal means and things can be used for legal reasons if we ban everything because it could be used illegally wed have a serious issue

        though you should support the Developers for sure(but most likely the people who buy these devices are the ones who buy games used so the companies need to stop that first)

        If that's true, I believe the DMCA will side with the modchipper. IIRC it makes allowances for devices that sidestep copyright to allow users to back up their media as long as it doesn't allow piracy.

        All it does is extract the game to the HDD, and people have already started uploading those to usenet and that has been confirmed working, so really anyone who says they want to backup their games is bullshitting you.

        I think the issue is people can rent a game from the local blockbuster for $5 and load it onto the Ps3

    Personally I like the idea of the "backup to hard drive and play without needing the disc ever again" because it would be the best way they could give a big F U to ebgames and the like who sell preowned games which bite into their profits. If you buy a brand new copy and then copy it to your hard drive then return it. You have your game, They get a sale of the game and EBgames is left with a returned product they cant DOA because it is not faulty.

    Really only resellers get shafted and only specific resellers

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