Sony Gives Us Six Reasons To Pre-Order God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

Developed by the folks behind perhaps one of the greatest games to ever hit the Playstation Portable, God of War: Ghost of Sparta hits in just two months. And Playstation has half a dozen reasons why you should pre-order it.

The game's pre-order bonuses will each be detailed on the Playstation Blog over the coming weeks.

Today Playstation explained how the Kratos PSN Avatar was created:

Name of the artwork, as originally created by the Santa Monica Development Studio – "Gods will pray for mercy". (Nuff said!)

Exclusive to the pre-order, the Kratos PSN Avatar was created by none other than, Cecil Kim – Visual Development Lead for the God of War franchise. The same Kratos artwork is featured on the home page of Cecil's site.

What makes this pre-order item even more special is that this will be the only opportunity the Kratos PSN Avatar will ever be made available. Get it while you can as we don't plan to offer this item outside of the pre-order.

The other pre-order items, which will be detailed on the Playstation Blog down the line, are:

Original Soundtrack

Legionnaire Skin

PSP Theme

God of War Live (Creative Directors Documentary)

PS3 Dynamic Theme

Six Reasons to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta! [Playstation Blog]


    I was gonna get this on the psp anyhow, just one more reason to!

    Mmmmm sort of lack luster if you consider the treatment that GoW3 got. They should of gone for something unique, like the first non-psp case (as far as I know, I haven't seen a psp game in a non-standard case).

    They could of done like a mini spartan that poops out the UMD, who wouldn't of wanted that?

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