Spartans Are Made, Not Born

The Spartans of the Halo universe are capable of some pretty incredible stuff, but so they should: they're men in fancy robot suits from the 26th century. In the 21st century, it's all about the baby steps.

This is the XOS 2, or as we're calling it, Spartan Armour Test Suit v1.0. It's basically an exo-suit that gives the wearer greatly enhanced strength and carrying power. While you're limited to 3mph while wearing one, you can also, as the clip below showcases, punch through blocks of wood.

It's got a ways to go before it'll survive a needler round or a fall from space, but with a few hundred years up our sleeves, we're sure science has plenty of time to get things right.

Hands On With The Sarcos XOS 2 – The Real Life Iron Man [Crunchgear]


    It beginssss.

    Also, I while playing Reach last night with a friend, we laughed at how silly the technology in Reach is. I mean, they can have fusion-powered armoured suits, but in 500 years they've decided the already-existing automatic shotgun is inferior to a crappy pump-action with the range of a wet poodle? Sometimes I really hate compromises to a game's universe for the sake of gameplay...

    hilarious ... look out Iron Man! "Stand very still while I kill you"

    Suddenly cleaning toilets with toothbrushes and getting beaten up with soap on a ropes seems like a good trade for getting to use one of these babies.

    You don't actually fall from space in Reach... look at your back at the beginning of the cutscene, you're wearing a "re-entry pack". ;)

      Master Chief does in Halo3.

      Halo 3, The very first level.The very first cutscene.

      what happens?

      You sir are a failure.

      *dusts hands and walks away*

        He doesn't fall from space... he only falls 2km, from the ship, and even then he rode down a piece of metal, which is why he comes down on an angle.

        You sir, are the failure. *dusts hands and walks away*

      Doesn't Master Chief fall from space at the end of Halo 2/ beginning of Halo 3?

      Think he was refering more to Chief's re-entry to Earth in Halo 3

    This is awesome but as Ive watched and read a few things on future warfare theyve all pointed to nano bots.
    Smaller, cheaper and no training required. Just send them off and watch them rip apart humans like locusts do to farms.

      As a man involved in such an industry (the nanoscale, not weapon technologies), so long as you're giving a generous birth of 500 years, I'd say it's entirely possible. Possible and "going to become actual" are a huge difference... for one, making nanobots recognise targets is a huge issue. One that's going to take the next few centuries of clever thinking to get around...

      A piece of technology like this amazes me. It's a shame the only way it would ever get funding is if a big "For Military Use" sticker was slapped on it.

    actually, he fell from space, Master Chief has the advanced ARMOR-LOCK system, it freezes his armor, using an expanding gel material in the lining of his suit which spreads 90% after-shock through the gel material, while the armor locks together to prevent damage to parts of his body which still exists. Most people don't realize, most of remaining upgraded 300 spartans are fused with parts of their power armor. On Halo:REACH when you fall from the corvette , Noble 6 survives via Armor-Lock. Master Chief does the same. You see him in Armor-Lock in the beginning of Halo 3.

    As for the EXO-Skeleton that's being previewed up there, The USAF or United States Armed Forces, already has one of those.

    As to Nano-Machines, there's already science in those. for those who think they know what it is. A Nano-Machine/ Nano-bot or Nanite, is a white bloodcell sized robot usually contained in groups of 1m or more, they're controlled by a pre-programmed HIVE style automatic response program system, they can replicate themselves from carbon based matter ( which is basically everything } or in the case of biomechanical nano-machines they can use themselves to replicate organic objects that might be programmed for their use. Such as whole organs, I.E. hearts, liver, kidneys. In theory they could be injected into living tissue of a person who is say dying of cancer, or leprosy, and the Nano machines depending upon their programming can go in and remove every cell of cancer, and using those cells and material to replicate more of themselves, or in leprosy they go in destroy infected tissue, then repair the damaged tissues by turning themselves into the cells our body normally uses to heal itself, and speeding up the healing time exponentially . The current blockades in the progression of that technology is mostly in creating a system that allows scientists to program these little guys, not designing a system to allow them to tell the difference between what is good and what is bad, that's the easy part.

    As for everything else.... We won't be able to recreate the Spartans like we saw in Halo. not with the laws we have governing our country on Human Treatment. the 300 spartans from the Halo series started out as abducted children who were experimented upon to create super soldiers. Think like Universal Soldier. Not to mention the reasons behind it. This little exo-skeleton is more like Iron Man, a crude iron man at that.... If you want to know more about what the SPARTANS were go read Halo, mainly Dr. Halsey's journal

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