Spruce Up Your Living Room With A Secret Arcade Machine

Classy coffee tables are classy, but also boring. What they need is exactly what this one has: a cleverly disguised set of professional arcade cabinet components.

The Arcane table, from Surface Tensions, looks at first glance to be a glass-topped coffee table. But there's a slide-out drawer in the side, which houses a very fetching controller setup (featuring Sanwa buttons) and even a trackball.

But where do you play? The thickened glass surface doubles as either a 19-inch or 26-inch LCD screen, on which you can play as many classic arcade games as the table's internal PC can hold.

For all this, you're looking at £3300/$5500, so yeah, likely not for most of you. Still, it's OK to dream!

Arcane Table [Surface Tensions, via technabob]


    I hate dreams, they never come true.

    Dear Santa...

    I love this. But I'd actually like it as a media centre PC (as well). That's really snazzy.

    no air circulation, will the pc get over heated?

    forgot to mention, where do you get the power? so you'll still need a power cable.... if a power cable exists, it will not be "secret" anymore

    table top mame!, i would just connect it to the tv in the end sit on the ground and then fun times!

    It wouldn't be that hard to build a computer into a coffee table, it would be hard to keep it cool, though.

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