Square Enix's Shooter MindJack Due 2011

This fall will be lighter one shooter, thanks to the delay of Square Enix and developer Feelplus' MindJack, the telepathic shoot 'em up that was originally planned to hit this October.

MindJack publisher Square Enix confirmed to Siliconera that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game has been moved to next year. The unusual and, frankly, confusing shooter blends cooperative, competitive and single-player action into one experience, letting players take control of non-player characters, machines and even gorillas.

Developed by Feelplus, responsible for Infinite Undiscovery and partially responsible for Lost Odyssey and Ninety-Nine Nights II, MindJack will be shown at next week's Tokyo Game Show, where we hope to get a better grip on the game's unique mechanics.

Mindjack Scrambled Until 2011 [Siliconera]


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