Stan Lee Has Video Games' Back

California's violent video game law, currently with the Supreme Court, is a pretty big deal. So it's nice to hear games have support from a man who's been there before.

Comics legend Stan Lee, the man behind Spider-Man, the X-Men and Iron Man, has penned a letter in support of video games' fight against California's proposal (which you can read more about here).

Appearing on the website of the Video Game Voters Network, Lee writes:

I'm writing to urge gamers everywhere to take a stand and defend both the First Amendment and the rights of computer and video game artists by joining the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN). My memory has always been lousy and it's not improving with age. But it's good enough to remember a time when the government was trying to do to comic books what some politicians now want to do with video games: censor them and prohibit their sales. It was a bad idea half a century ago and it's just as bad an idea now.

For the full thing, head to the VGVN's site below. It's a good read, particularly given the parallels between comics in the 20th century and video games in the 21st.

And if you're a little unclear as to what California's proposal is and what it means, Totilo has put together an excellent guide.

Defend Video Games With Stan Lee [VGVN]

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    In Australia it's really less of a problem; after all, we already prohibit the sale of MA15+ games to anyone under 15. I don't see how this would be any different.

    That said, I don't support the restrictions. I just don't think that it's so big of a deal, though that is almost certainly because I've lived with these restrictions for my whole life. Nor do I see it as 'video-gamers' vs 'video-game haters,' which you have essentially branded it. It's really pro-restriction vs anti-restriction.

    It should also be noted that even if the law is passed, that doesn't mean it'll be followed. I've been asked for ID only once when buying MA15+, and that was when I was 16.

      The way I look at it, isn't how it infringes on my rights (which it doesn't because I'm 22 and don't live in america either) but how they somehow turn parental ignorance and laziness into a fault of the industry.

      They claim the ESRB rating system is inadequate and that game makers don't do enough to restrict it to kids. Bull! ESRB rating is incredibly comprehensive, using specific details (like gore, violence, sexual themes, drug abuse) and an actually age rating to gauge the severity of these details.

      Common sense is to take a games rating, say an M rated game which specifically says it contains violence, gore and sexual themes, and presume that the game will contain very graphic portrayls of said devices. If the game is teen rating you are highly unlikely to see sexual themes (incredibly mild if it is), but violence will still be present but not be too visceral and gore might be present in the way of blood splats on impact but no dismemberment. If it's rated under 12 then violence might be cartoon like and there will be no gore or blood bar maybe some cuts or grazes (no fountains of the stuff anyway).

      Then you have parental control within consoles. I know Xbox has a rather comprehensive system and I believe PS3 does too. Wii is generally child friendly (to an extent) but even it has a parental lock system. PC has possibly the most comprehensive child protection in the way of a parent being an administrator restricting downloads/installations onto their childs account.

      But parents in california seem to ignore, or refuse these options and instead what the state to do the job for them. In process of doing so, they demean an entire medium and treat it like a controlled substance equal to alcohol and drugs. This will severly damage peoples opinion on gaming and will hurt its chances of being percieved artistically/creatively.

      If they don't want to damage the industries image then it should be made into a general content law making it illegal for games, film and music to be sold to children under the age restriction. While their at it, they should impose comprehensive age ratings to art and literature and restrict their flow too. Because we all know how much art and literature warps minds too.

    I would also like to support video games and Stan Lee for not getting video games banned as well because its every gamer's dreams and fantasies including myself and I know that these thing are not real for now and I myself and the others will always wished that it will come true one day or one time in the future.

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