Starcraft II's First Month Sales Are In

Starcraft II sold a million copies in its first 24 hours on sale. Not bad, but not as great as the last new Blizzard game to be released. How'd it do, then, in its first month on sale?

Better. Blizzard just revealed that the real-time strategy smash has sold over three million copies worldwide since its release last month. For a PC (and Mac!) game in 2010, those numbers aren't good, they're great. Especially when you consider that, like almost every other game Blizzard has ever made, it'll likely still be registering sales ten years from now.


    Wait, what? It sold 1M in 1day, but only 2M in 27 more days? That's quite bad isn't it?

      I guess it's bad if you compare it to it's day 1 sales, but do you realise how much 3 million IS? most games don't sell 3 million EVER.

      I dunno, I wouldn't say that it's bad, considering all the die-hard fans would have grabbed it on day one, and then probably all the people that couldn't afford it a week or two after. After that its probably just people looking at videos, seeing it at a mates house and becoming interested.

      Not record breaking perhaps but still great, especially for a fairly niche game.

        The key here is that it isn't either a MMO or a FPS. It's a damn RTS selling 3 million in the first month.

        Thats totally rediculas.

          A PC game selling 3 million in the first month is pretty incredible. This begs the question, do the Blizzard drip feed addict fans who will purchase anything the company produces without thinking twice alter the curve we rate a Blizzard product on? A Blizzard PC game is always going to be expected to sell this well.

    I also don't think that includes the Koreans who don't buy it, but pay monthly for all Blizzard games.

      From what I've read, the increased system requirements from SC1 and the poor way Blizzard treated KeSPA in Korea has resulted in the game not even ranking in the top 10 most played games at internet cafes, the primary location for people to play games.

    Bet it would've sold better with LAN. :P

    Would've sold better had every store sold out in the first month on their first two shipments...

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