Starkiller Brings Two Sabres To A Blaster Fight

GameTrailers got the first in-game cutscene from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. Not once in 33 years have I ever seen anyone disembark a TIE Fighter, and Star Wars doesn't look like it's gonna start showing that now.

How the hell do you get in and out of those things, anyway, the Force? Oh, and memo to the dude who looks like Jimmy from Mafia II; that little cord going up the barrel of your pistol better mean a super-duper enhancement, but even then, you should know better than to draw on this guy.


    Top side hatch.

    If it's docked, then there's a ladder from the gantry... if it's landed then there's a roll out one on the inside of the hatch.

    The walks on starkiller and the commander look odd, the knees seem to be bent most of the time. weird.

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