Staying Connected To Guild Wars 2 On The Go

You can't always be seated in front of your gaming rig playing Guild Wars 2, so ArenaNet has devised a way to keep players connected to the upcoming MMO via the iPhone, iPod and Android phones.

Anyone who has played a massively multiplayer online game seriously understands the constant craving to be connected. You put off other activities, wait until there is no food in the house at all before going shopping, and in those rare instances when you can pull yourself away you get that horrible anxious feeling comes, like you just know you are missing something amazing.

As Rick Ellis, ArenaNet's tech director puts it, "You shouldn't be wondering what your friends are doing in-game; you should always be connected to them to chat. You should be able to help or otherwise contribute to your guild or the game."

And that's where Guild Wars 2 applications for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones come in. Shown off during PAX earlier this month, the applications will let players stay connected to in-game chat while not actively playing. It's all thanks to a two-way data connection that allows information to both exit and enter the game. Most MMO operators prefer to keep that a strictly one-way path due to security concerns, but ArenaNet is taking the chance.

More than just chatting, offline players will be able to help out their online friends, locating them on a map and helping to guide them towards quest destinations, cities, and towns. When dynamic events occur on the map, they can act as a first alert system for their guild, rallying the troops without having to be in game waving a flag about.

Is being constantly connected to an MMO a good thing? That's my one concern about this extended experience initiative of ArenaNet's. If you're always connected to the game, what happens to real life?

Gaming Outside the Game: Rick Ellis Talks The Guild Wars 2 Extended Experience [Guild Wars 2]


    People who have the constant craving to be connected already let their actual life suffer. They blow off work, call in sick, remain unemployed sponging off welfare.

    That's the reason video game addiction became a 'thing' and not just acceptable nerd behavior.

    I would like to think this 'app' will work like a security blanket and allow people that interaction, and connection to their virtual world while still allowing them to get on with their lives.

    However, like you suggest Mike, it could also act as a bridge from a healthy balance, to never leaving the computer.

    As someone who likes to think they leave the computer enough for his family and friends not to plan an intervention, I'm looking forward to this.

    I love the original Guild Wars and will definitely be getting Guild Wars 2, however...I do think you can have too much of a good thing.

    Gaming addiction is very real and while ultimate responsibility rests with the individual, this kind of technology adds fuel to the fire.

    Gaming companies haven't really faced a public outcry over gaming addiction...yet. But as more companies look toward bio-metric testing of their products they are setting themselves up for a backlash from both the public & our politicians.

    This is not helping.

    I think that's going a little too far. Some people log off to distance themselves from the game world, and that's not going to help a jot.

    But kudos to the GW2 team of thinking of different ways of interacting. I'm sure there will be people who will anticipate this as a part of the huge package that GW2 represents once it arrives at retail stores.

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