Steam Adds A Wallet Service

Valve's Steam service quietly added a novel new feature over the weekend; the ability to add funds to a "Steam Wallet", giving you an online account balance just like you get with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

The minimum amount you can add is $US5, with further increments available at $US10, $US25, $US50 and $US100. This functions just like real cash, so you can spend it on anything within Steam's digital shopfront, whether it be games or downloadable content.

Now that it's here, it makes you wonder why it wasn't implemented sooner. These kind of things are easy money-makers for Microsoft and Sony, compelling you to spend your "spare change" on smaller games or trinkets, and the same will now be happening to Steam users as well.

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    The reason that the feature was silently added was because it is still being tested. Once Valve consider it complete for a first release they will make a news announcement and make it easily accessible (right now the only way to access it is through the link your provided). It would be good to see the news updated to reflect the beta status of the feature in case there are problems for users.

      Good idea, except Luke belongs to the US Kotaku and doesn't read comments here.

        Seeing as he lives in Australia, he probably does...

    oh god i hate this... you end up with such stupid amounts left over that you can't spend... its good for the companies doing it... but its bad for end users

      Thats only really a problem if they remove the option to directly pay for a purchase. It seems more likely that they want to sell steam value cards in the same way you can buy ms points cards or amazon gift cards

      I've seen at least one steam game go for $1 so I'm sure you're not gonna lose out on much money.

    Why would you? I thought these "wallet" services were pretty much universally hated?

      Allows you to 'gift' cash if you aren't sure what game to buy as a present.

        lol gifting gift cards is so stupid, you should just give someone cash and say "buy a game with it" then they can get whatever they want from wherever they want.

        Except that it provides no "gift" option. It adds it directly to your own account.

    All depends if it's compulsory as to weather or not it's a bad thing. Left over points/money is where companies make a killing and screw the end user over.

    Could this make it easier to buy games from other Steam stores at cheaper prices?

    This could easily be a step towards them providing some sort of 'refund' procedure, you get money back into your steam wallet, meaning they keep that sales' value regardless when you later spend that refund on other games from steam.

    Since it's digital distribution, there is no returns or restocking cost for the supplier either, meaning that there is really no way for Steam to lose if they implement such a refund system.

    I dont care what they do provided they don't force me to use the mickey mouse money if I don't want to.

    Steam would still be an excellent service if it was done that way, I just prefer the way it is now.

    Should buy some cred now while the dollar is good :D

      That right there is a VERY good point in favor for buying this type of thing, so if the aussie doller crashes down to around 75 US cents again, we have made wise investments :)

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