Steel Battalion Triumphantly Returns With A Different Sort Of Custom Controller

During Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show press conference this morning, Capcom's Keiji Inafune took the stage to introduce the world to Steel Battalion: Heavy armour for Kinect, a new interpretation of the classic game with the extremely expensive controller.

I can't believe McWhertor was right, but there it is in our E3 2010 predictions post: "Steel Battalion is revealed as Capcom's core Natal game." We all laughed and laughed, and now Capcom and From Software make the rest of us look silly with this new version of the mech game so complicated it required its own complicated and costly controller to play.

Capcom and From Software are collaborating on the new title, which is set in a 2082 without computers, which explains the gritty, World War II style.

Inafune was light on the details, but since this is a Microsoft Kinect game, we're guessing that this time around you'll be taking on the role of the unwieldy, expensive controller.


    My nipples explode with delight!

    Wow, sounds like an interesting idea. I can only guess at to how it would control.
    Either your movements are directly translated onto the mech, or the dashboard of the mech resembles the highly complicated controls of the last games, and particular motions like for example making a fist infront of you and sliding backwards and forwards, relates to you interacting with the dashboard to control the mech.


    W...A..N..T hold on hold on...*cough* WANT!

    I would love it if it was a dash (well detailed and somewhat complicated) that had all the knobs and buttons etc that you need that you manipulated via virtual hands. All in sink with what you do in front of the camera.

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